The You In I


Search for the one

you speak of as "I".

Your mind is a gift, dear one.

What better task to assign it

than to uncover yourself?

Don't fasten this mask so firmly

that you forget.

Behind this body,

infused in this identity,

watching the play of your person,

is You, child of Eternity.

Watch life from here.

From the eyes of your heart,

see this extension of You

walking this blessing of life.

Remembering, once more,

your Source,

watch the unfolding of perfection.

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Dear God,

kiss me as I sleep.

Bless these dreams

as I walk them

and shine Your Light

in the darkness

of my slumber.

Whisper to your child,

loving Father,

all the goodness

You know

that I have forgotten.

And gently, dear God,


wake me

so I may see You

in my mirror.

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Mind's Show


So busy this mind

employed to dart endlessly

from one memory and illusion

to another.

It keeps you spellbound

with its deft movements,

like a magician captivating you

with his show.

After the show you return home

but mind is allowed to still play,

this puppeteer of your attention.

There is nothing there, dear one.

The empty images are hiding you

from yourself.

The play can continue

but you can smile

at the secret revealed,

and rise to leave

this viewer's chair empty.

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Dear child of Creation,

relax your efforts.

Drawing so intently on the mirror

will not change the reflection.

Turn around to see from where

this picture springs.

As you peer through the fog, quietly,

it will clear

and your heart will leap

as you sense the space

no word but LOVE can describe.

When you return once more

to the mirror

what beautiful Light

it will reflect!

No reflection can ever disappoint

once you see.

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A New Table

Your struggles and confusion

are stale now, dear one.

Don't feed on them anymore.

Push back your chair

and leave this table;

its plates hold nothing

to nourish you.

Within you is a banquet

that eyes cannot see.

Here is a meal, always fresh,

delicious to your soul!

Sit in your heart

and feast on Love.

Its sweet nectar

will fill you

and you will forget

the tables of long ago.

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Dear Reader

Look behind you.

Behind the images

of the story

on these pages

is you, dear child.

You sat to read for a moment

and forgot yourself

in this fine tale.

You need not close the book.

Enjoy the colours

and the magic within it,

and smile as the tale twists

to reveal beautiful secrets.

Delight in it

until its final page,

all the while

remembering who you are.

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Open all that grips.

Open your mind

and allow everything

to escape.

Let it pour out all its contents,

swirling ideas and memories

that are not you.

Let every last drop

of this imposter


Ahh, the relief

to be in peace again!

The breezes do not stick to you,

flower of Creation.

You color and fragrance the world

without any effort.

Stay open, bright soul

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Breaking Promises

Release the pain

of all you have not done.

Regret is wasting your happiness.

Lessons are for learning…

why scold yourself

when your Teacher does not?

Unravel this pressure

you bind yourself with.

Lighten your heart,

let God take your next step,

and feel the beautiful release

of walking into freshness.

As the Divine lives through you,

you will travel unburdened

with peace in your heart,

and you will only promise

what God can deliver.

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From Here

From here, you are.

Relax dear child,

let go of this worry

that clouds your view

of what stands


Release completely

all you think you have lost,

all you think you can't find.

Here is the Presence

you seek.

Pure love envelopes you


Let go, precious one,

and you will melt

into the bliss.

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Possibility and Play

The source

from which you sprung

is pure possibility.

As you play here

do not build your castles

so solidly

that you block it from view.

Look back occasionally

from your games

and smile

at your loving parent.

You carry Love with you

in every breath,

and, no matter how distracted

you are,

you are never lost to

Love's gaze.

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Forget Yourself

Forget this you

of your body and mind.

Let the knowledge

you have collected

so meticulously

slip back to its source

of nothing.

Allow the smokescreen

of you

to disperse and fade away.

Behind this I

you will see the treasure.

The pure, bright,

pulsating All

is Love.

Step through you

and be one.

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Life and Love

As breath fills you

sense the life that draws it.

Feel life on your face

as you move through it.

You cannot help but smile

as you come face to face

with Life itself!

Hold your hand out

to touch the space

between you and another,

and feel its fullness.

What else is this

but Love?

More than human thought

or feeling,

Love is the all of life

and the life of all.

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The power of Creation

that expands your world

is within you.

Allow yourself

to surrender to its might.

Invite it

to take your talents

and shine them through you.

Accept no less

for your fine gifts!

Do not depend

on what you think you know

or the tricks you've perfected.

The knowledge and skills of this life 

are a faint reflection

of the power of eternity.

Let the Divine

showcase your gifts

as only It can.

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Pray not for small trinkets

when the heavens are bursting

with your good.

When will you take


Prepare a path

for flow.

Your humanness stands

in your own way.

Push to the sides

your expectations, your opinions,

your reactions, and all 'yours'.

Be clean as a whistle

for the breathe of Creation

to play you.

Empty of you,

you will be filled with All.

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Let Best

Dear dear perfect soul,

you are loved beyond understanding.

Allow your Light

to shine the way

and all that troubles you

will be gone.

Set down your need

to do what's best

and let best

do your bidding.

Your work is to flow

and allow the Divine –

pure, untouched –

to live.

Oh the wonder

when your breath is breathed!

You precious vessel of Love.

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This is a very long rest

for one who hasn't started.

Calls unheeded

remain in your soul.

When will you

see fit to respond?

Busyness can be buried in

until your body's turn,

while Creation softly whispers

to her dear child.

Dear one, listen to Love –

it is the only lesson you came for.

Stop the rustling now

and let Love sit you down.

Her expert teaching

transforms chore to joy.

Smile your heart open

as your loving reply.

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Heart Song

Sweet song of heart

pours from you,

despite your state

of wake or sleep.

You are tuned to the Divine

and its blissful notes

sing you

to its melody of joy.

Let go

so that your body and soul

may be perfectly in tune

and the sweet song

floods in

to your memory again.

Open your eyes

and sing as one!

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Leave your problems unfed

so they can waste away

to nothing.

All movement and thought

against your troubles

weaves their fabric

with stronger thread.

Look away from shadows

and seek to only see

your Source of Light.

As its Love fills you

and your brightness grows,

your own shadows will fade

and one day you will wake

to no longer cast them.

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The Other Side

Open your awareness

to finally see

what you search for.

There is no other place

to seek it

but here.

Allow your clever mind to rest

from its twisting and turning.

Its wise counsel can wait

for more worldly themes.

Go inside

and in the stillness

you will meet your Source.

Its warmth will encompass you


and you will know,

without a doubt,

you have found the Divine.

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Speak Love

As you draw breath to speak,

let Love utter your words.

Leave the harshness,

the judgement,

the flat distraction


Even a "no",

spoken with love,

will reach the heart

of the other.

Breathe Love in

to fill you

so that every word


with its precious Light.

Allow the Divine

to bless each soul

through your sweet voice.

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Colour In

Take a crayon in hand

and colour your days.

You need be no artist,

just colour with abandon!

Over all the grey

and spaces unfilled,

add whatever brightness

you wish.

If your page was not coloured

when you received it,

that means nothing.

Why sit and stare,


at a picture you dislike?

Colour away,

sweet child!

Make your masterpiece.

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All is well

in the classroom.

Think a moment

in quiet

and observe your life.

Your struggles are simply


There is no conspiracy against you,

no bad luck,

no curse.

Teacher Life is no tyrant

and your protests

will not turn the page

on this lesson.

Sit back down now

and learn, dear student.

Soon you will be so good at this,

you will wonder what pained you.

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Ever so gently

withdraw from your world.

Little by little

remove yourself.

The dramas you drown in,

the joys you plummet from,

the everything that fills your mind

to the brim;

slowly let them recede

to their source

of nothing.

As their dust settles

you will see treasure,

shining brighter

than any Light you've known,

and you will remember

why you've come.

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Stand tall,

dear child of Creation.

Rise from your sleep!

Draw back the blinds

and see your day.

The power of the universe

beats your heart,

fills your veins,

and awaits you.

Step with might

on the earth

and claim your place.

Open your arms wide

as you fill

with the strength of the Heavens.

You are the door

God walks through.

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Heaven's Door

As your eyes open

to another day,

know with certainty

you step again

through Heaven's door.

Child of Light,

this world is your playground.

Run, be free!

Enjoy the sun,

laugh with friends,

plan, build,

breathe the beauty with joy!

You are safe

and loved.

Play with abandon!

Etch this day in your heart

as your soul

smiles through eternity.

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Your Play

Step back inside

and watch

as your world dissolves.

All the important illusions,

the pleasures and pains,

the all that fills your mind

so full of nothing –

watch as your dawning

unravels their substance.

What once consumed you

returns to the pages

of this play.

Dance with abandon

on your stage!

You will enjoy each moment

of your starring role

as the curtains now open.

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Focus awareness on your center.

Creature of Light,

you have forgotten

the brilliance within you.

Allow its waves to illuminate

as it travels through

your veins

and soul.

You are not of this world.

Tread it lightly

as you allow this body

to breathe life.

Your skin houses

a portal of breath,

drawing in beautiful illusions

and exhaling God

into all.

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Music Your Soul

Hear the sounds of the heavens.

Feel them vibrate your soul,

eternally soothing,


enveloping you in their tones of Love.

Unable to resist,

your spirit lifts you

to dance with it

in the joyous oneness of All.

Cup your hands over your ears.

Listen with your heart

until your every cell

sings with uncontained joy!

This is the sound of Love,

to which you have been tuned.

Allow its echoes

to immerse you

in eternal bliss!

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Allow the release


for flight.

Let go of the supports

you cling to.

Your belief in illusion

can dissolve

in an instant.

Be still, precious one.

Go within

and let your God do the work.

No more is required

for your release.


you will fly

and soar heavenward

in the bliss that is Love.

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Dissolve into your soul.

Allow the edges of your world

to fade and float away.

The more transparent

this veil,

the more you will see.

The beauty beneath

is astounding!

See it shimmer

and glow

as you peer through

your vanishing world.

Your heart will leap

when it knows

you have come home again.

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Between your moments,


Allow your mind to rest

on the memory of soul.

The busyness and effort

in your day

will not serve you

without the tether

to the Divine.

Remember often

so that the sweetness

of Love

gently intrudes on your mind.

Find yourself smiling

in the midst of your toil

as the warm memory

thrills your heart again.

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Nurture the human you.

Give it space and time

for awareness

to dawn.

Feed it with wisdom.

Still its noise

with the sweet silence of beauty.

Immerse it in the wonder of nature,

so that its heart may beat

to her pulse.

Allow its frustrations

and struggles

and protests

to unfold into learning

and growth

and splendour.

Nurture your human awake.

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Allow Your Good



Allow your good.

Such concerted effort

to reach your desire

is , instead, building a wall

against it.

In surrender,

the still, small Voice

will whisper the way.

The noise of your effort is deafening.


so you can hear.

Your good will flow

gently, beautifully

into your awareness.

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See the drawing of your life

pencilled a little more

each day.

What art will be made

with you

as this day dawns?

A new face,

beautiful, lit with love?

A new path

flowing through

bright new tomorrows?

Your life is waiting,

quivering with anticipation,

for the Artist's next stroke.

How blessed are you

to be chosen

as this precious page!

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The alive in you

is God.

Who is this who draws your breath

but the Divine?

You are filled to the brim

and more

with the Light of Life,

and the Creator spills from you

to encompass

all of existence.

As you sense this magnificence

you house,

Love will grow your heart

to infinity

and embrace you

in its bliss.

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Trust that all is well.

You are never alone

and never far from Love.

Child of perfection,

allow yourself this comfort.

Know you are precious

to the Divine,

and your life is unfolding


Relax into your life

and trust each day

as it dawns for you.

Step out just enough

to trust God with your life.

Release all that you grip,

and trust that it falls

into God's palm.

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Add Sweetness

Make delicious your life

with the sweetness of soul.

Liberally sprinkle its grains

of love

over all that is bitter

or sour

or bland.

Sift sweet angel dust

across your creation,

so that each morsel

is steeped in love.

Grace the table of the Divine

with your offering –

the toil of your body

sweetened with soul.

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Your Beauty

Your beauty needs no polish,

no adornment,

no more of this, nor less of that.

Bathed in Light,

you glow

with breathtaking beauty!

The Love that is All

is the fabric of you.

Allow it to fashion you

into a splendid kite,

dancing with glee

in the skies of your world.

Reveal your beauty

as the Divine

flies you to bliss.

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Be wonderful you.

Relax and let go.

No pretense is needed;

you are perfectly enough

in this very moment.

Don't see perfection everywhere

but in yourself.

You are loved as infinitely

as every other,

and the same Divine

fills you as fills all.

Do justice to the creation

that is you.

No one else can fill your shoes,

wonderful one.

Walk tall and be!

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Allow your divine self

to greet your world.

Meet your children

as the one who is love.

See your family and friends

through eyes bright

with the light of your soul.

Allow the Divine

to walk your world

through your blessed body,

spreading Love and Light

with every step.

Bid farewell to your worries

and relax

as you let God

hello your world.

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Walk your world

and see the magnificence

around you.

The smallest flower,

the sun's warmth,

the inspired creations of man –

all can be marveled at.

Not least of all,

see yourself.

Look past your reflection

and truly see

the one who walks

this body of yours.

You will catch your breath

at your magnificence!

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Your senses are finely tuned

to illusion,

convincing you that what you see

and hear

are real.

This world is a reflection

of your mind.

Look to the Source to see reality.

Quiet your good mind

and go within.

Be still,

and see with the eyes of your soul;

they look out from your heart.

You will see there is nothing but LOVE,

all-encompassing, breath-taking Love.

Feast your eyes!

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The Love of God

The Love of God is nearer

than you imagine.

The air caressing your face,

the blood coursing through your veins,

the breaths you draw –

you are surrounded

and filled

with God's infinite Love.

Be still and feel its bliss.

This warmth in your heart

is all you need

to sustain you.

How divine to be loved so!

Precious child,

there is nothing you can fear.

Walk this world,


and enveloped in Love.

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After All

After all your sorrows

and after all your joys,

after every feeling and thought,

there is a moment,

empty and available

before your next breath.

Fill it with the awareness

of the Divine.

That tiny moment

will shine its Light

from the spaces between,

and flow into your life.

See every empty space

filled with God.

Your heart will sing

as your life is infused

with Love.

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Let your eyes rest

so that you can see.

The Truth is under the illusion.

Your spiritual eyes

reside in your heart;

use them to view your world.

You will see order instead of chaos,

perfection instead of fault,

and God at the center

of everyone

and everything.

Did you know you were so close to God?

The Divine Presence fills you

and surrounds you.

Close your eyes

and know its bliss!

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Be Driven

Allow yourself to be driven.

Not driven to succeed

or achieve,

or any forced impulse

of your making.

Allow yourself to be driven

by The Divine.

Release all the needs

and shoulds

steering you in circles,

and empty yourself enough

to be a vehicle

for the Light.

Watch with amazement

and joy

at how skilfully your life is led

by the Driver of creation.



You are in good hands.

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What is discomforting you?

Be still for a moment and notice

the discomforts that keep you

from happiness.

Let them go.

Yes, you can analyze

and complain

and wallow,

and wring from them

every ounce of suffering they hold.

Or, you can toss into their waters

a pebble of Truth,

and see them ripple and vanish.

Center yourself in love,

and know all is well.

That is all you need do

at this oasis of life

to see beauty and harmony

and bliss

in the reflections of these waters.

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When your soul is hungry,

you may find yourself searching

for phantom food

to fill the void.

Filling your body and mind

with sweet nothings

will leave you unsatisfied,

and hungry still.

No food of this world,

no distraction of mind

can nourish your soul.

Allow the Light to fill

your emptiness,

and see the yearning leave you.

Indulge your soul

in the bliss of love, and,

at God’s banquet,

you will sit,

restored and content.

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Release Peace


You will feel more peace

when you remove its jailors.

Let go of the needs

you have breathed life into.

The success you imagine is real,

your reflection which you perfect

to impress the blind,

the pieces of illusion you must possess­—

all are shadows

that hold peace at bay.

Allow Divine Light to dissolve them.

Do not fear any loss.

You will feel no pain;

shadows cannot harm you.

Instead, you will breathe again

as the restoring Light of peace

is released into your life.

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Catch the Flow

Your perfect life

with its perfect lessons

and gifts

is flowing right beside you.

Allow yourself to catch the flow.

Release your grasp on everything

that is not working.

The difficulties are your message.

Hear it and let go

so that your hands are empty enough

to be filled with the blessings

waiting for you.

Trust that letting go

will not see you lose anything

of value.

Surrendering to the Divine

opens you to receive

goodness beyond imagination.

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Save the Day

Allow your day all its possibilities.

It is filled to the brim

with enough time

to make it beautiful.

Treasure your gifts

as you share them.

Embrace the struggles

as your opportunities to grow.

Love with all of your heart.

Honour everyone on your path

sharing this gift of life with you.

Whatever you are doing

or not doing,

know you are loved completely.

With every fibre of yourself,

both here and beyond,

give thanks for it all.

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Love Your Life

This gift of life you have received

to do with what you will

is the Divine masquerading

as your job, your family, your clothing.

All you see here, in its smallest form,

is the hugeness of Divine Love,

encased in the details of your life.

Cherish every moment, every morsel.

You are in the presence of pure Love,

blessed with the chance to live It.

Love your sacred life,

every joy, every lesson.

You will treasure each moment

when you realise

who is handing it to you.

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Lean Into Your Life

Your life is illusion.

Do not keep your feet

so firmly planted there

That you lose touch with

your divine source.

Lean into it,

Tread softly,

Learn its priceless lessons

arranged just for you,

All the while knowing

That you are visiting

from afar

and will again one day

stand in eternity.

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Peaceful People

 Dear peaceful people,

Allow your true nature

to heal your world.

See the good.

In its light,

the shadows will dissolve.

Speak words of love.

Give your others

space for their lessons,

Allow them to learn,

as you do.

Call to the Divine in each one,

And that will be

the perfection that emerges.

You do not intend to scorn God.

Respect each of His beloveds,

They are as precious as you.

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Reach for your light inside.

It is not far

And can be found with just a little searching.

It is bright,

beyond any brilliance you know,

but you must turn to see it.

Open your heart

and invite it out

into your life.

Walk alongside it,

your steps illuminated by it.

Why, you can even converse with it!

All other words you utter

are nonsense

in comparison.


It will be the only thing you touch

through the illusion.

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Surrender to the Divine


Dear child of wonder,

Trust that you have all you need

to live a blessed life.


Wave the white flag

and step out of your misery.

This is not defeat,

It is victory.

You will conquer struggle

and hopelessness

and fear

when you surrender to the Divine.


Allow yourself

to be led away to happiness.

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New Every Moment


Every moment you are new.

Anything you wish to be­­­­—

any improvement, any growth,

any wonderfulness you wish to become—

is possible in each moment.

Fill this moment with your wish.

Be what you seek

as you breathe this moment.

You, the earth, your life—

all are new in this moment,

and this precious moment

is all that can fill your hands now.

Shape it, love it, allow it to bloom

before your very eyes.

Care not when it passes,

A new, full, beautiful moment

has arrived again for you.

Precious one, you are so blessed,

Here is your moment

filled with love.

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Fill Yourself With Light


Allow the Light of the Heavens to fill you—

not just your body, all of you—

so that it illuminates everything around you

as you walk through life.

Shadows will vanish as you pass,

And the Light will heal and bless

and bring whatever is needed

to your brothers and sisters.

Your world can change in an instant

when the Divine can shine on it.

Feel it now in your heart,

Its warmth and love infusing every cell

And more,

As it shines you to your true glory.

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Stop and Drink


Sip the water of the earth

and become one with her.

Align yourself with her

so that your body is whole

and healthy

and ready for the Divine.

As you drink,

become one with the oceans.

As the waves embrace you,

feel the waves of love

in your heart.

Allow life to connect you

and awaken your senses

to the Divine.

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Wait a moment before you reach

for your comfort,

Allow your soul to tell you

how you can be soothed.

Ask to know what you need

to feel better, calmer,

to come back to flow.

In the space you create

you will hear your answer,

And you will not require

the crutches that you curse.

Reach up, child of light,

Let the heavens carry you

to comfort.

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See the Wonder


Look deeply, lovingly

through the blindness

the familiar has cast on you.

The light in your child's eyes

is dazzling!

All the beauty under your shoes,

Covered in your haste

to arrive,

is pure wonder.

All the lessons you speed past,

All the others

whose gaze you don't meet,

Let everything nourish you

and inspire you

and teach you.

Blink and refocus

and see the wonder.

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Remember to Forget


Forget a little bit every day.

Forget how to judge,

Forget how to criticise,

Forget how to deny love.

The more you forget,

the more you will remember.

All the truly important

is just underneath.

More and more of it

will be revealed

as you forget the illusions.

Your essence is love,

Pure, unbounded, endless love

waiting for you to remember it.

And when you do

its light will shine through you

and illuminate the world!

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Adorn your life

with beauty and color and music.

Make it wonderful

to come home to.

Fill your language

with words of love.

Light your eyes

with the sparkle

of your soul.

Paint joy

on every wall.

Smile your world beautiful.

Dress it with the finery

of the Divine.

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Empty yourself to listen.

Whether you are listening to another

or to the Divine,

You will hear when there is a space for the message.

Your mind races to predict,

to judge and correct,

to find meaning.

Listen like an empty page,

No expectation, no wish,

no awareness of yourself.

What you hear may astound you.

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Today you will learn something new

if you choose to be watchful

and see what is presented to you.

It may be an answer

to a question you have asked

or to a challenge you are facing

or simply something that will grow you.

Expect the learning to come to you

and be noticed

and become part of

the ever-growing, ever-changing

wonderful creation that is you.

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Not sleight of hand, nor illusion

There is REAL magic here for you.

You are filled with Divine Light

and all things are possible for you.

Feel your connection with Creation.

Close your eyes and see

Light, not darkness.

Magic is in that moment

when you sense how much you are loved.

You are one

with pure possibility.

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Your Turn


This is your turn to shine.

There is nothing and no one you must wait for.

Your life is here right now for you to live.

Each day, each moment is yours.

Unwrap them and enjoy your precious gifts.

In your joy, in the full living of your life,

you will grow the world around you

and make it beautiful

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Allow your breath to be deep and life-giving.

Breathe not just the oxygen of the earth,

breathe in the light that connects you to all.

Breathe it in and allow it to fill you,

every cell of your body can breathe it in and expand.

Glow yourself!

Shallow breath will tire you, and deny your soul its bliss.

Live a full life – fill yourself to your very brim,

and then more.

You will rise like a balloon nearing heaven.

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Angel Love


The love we have for you

is more vast than you can comprehend.

We watch you as you take each step, each breath.

Every pain, every joy – you are never alone, not for a moment.

We wait with love outstretched to catch you, to lead you,

to usher you back to your beautiful path of light.

Be aware of us, we are right here, so close to you.

Reach for us, ask, smile, know.

You will feel the warmth and the love.

Allow us into your heart

where you will hear our loving guidance.

See your life blossom as God’s divine love

grows in and through you.

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Oh, how many ways gratitude can warm your heart!

You will find the smallest and the grandest to be grateful for.

There is nothing in your life that you cannot, with gentle thought, see the gift in.

Praise and feel the blessings around you – it will serve you and bring more to you.

Your light will shine brighter when you live in this – those around you will feel it too.

You will bring more and more and more to the world with this simple act.

See it for yourself.

Joy is in this part – it is the happiness you have been searching for.

It’s your turn here – don’t waste it and let it slip away without even seeing it.

The time will finish so so quickly.

Enjoy it all!

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Reply With Love


No matter what is said or done,

when you reply with love you change its path.

The way you may have known was to let your mind and body react.

Stand outside with us and you can speak from the real You.

Here there is only love.

You can stop this physical world in its tracks

and have it follow you when you stand with us.

We see only beauty and perfection – you too can understand this.

Step outside for a moment and see with your inner eyes –

you will see the beauty too.

And your love will flow effortlessly

for it is who you are here.

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The practice of meditation is an important one for you here.

It will allow you to connect to your light often,

and your connection will strengthen.

This will give you peace and center you in your heart,

your place of light.

You wonder why you need this light?

It is food for your soul which needs nourishment

just as your body does.

Do not starve your soul while you indulge your body,

that is dressing the shadow.

Quiet your mind for moments each day,

without trying, without seeking.

Notice the stillness of nothing and see it flooded with light,

a light that washes over and through you,

and fills you with love.

You are one with all.

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Rejoice in the contrasts of all people.

Accept, allow, respect.

Each one is great.

Watch your world blossom when each can stand strong

and fully offer their gifts.

You are good enough for God,

and so is each other one.

Trust the perfection of creation,

and allow God all his people.

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Do you live without thinking?

Are you too preoccupied to live?

Like an empty handful of food that you don’t remember eating,

your life can vanish from your awareness.

Be present.

Notice now.

See and be the fullness of this moment.

Give your best, love, enjoy, smile, look another in the eye,

breathe, know.

Open all your senses and make each of your moments count.

Life is wonderful when you live it!

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Judgement hurts you and hurts others.

It separates your souls.

Resist the choice to judge.

Allow others to be where they are on their path,

and give the same courtesy to yourself.

The more you love and accept yourself,

the less judgement can reside in you.

You would not judge a tree for its shape,

or a bird for its song.

The appearance and behavior of others

are part of them in this moment.

All are where they need to be,

and the lessons for each one are different.

Do not look with your eyes alone.

See others from your heart.

There is no room there for judgement

in the beauty of love.

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To heal others is noble.

Just your intention can send healing light to another.

When you are centered in your heart, standing in love, it is your natural desire to heal.

Sending healing to the bodies and souls of those around you, lifts you and heals your own soul.

You are all one and you have the power to lift the world to a higher place.

The energies of the world follow you as you soar.

Send the healing light of love to all those that cross your path,

and feel your heart swell with joy!

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Allow your voice to be heard.

You have a place that is important here – a place that only you can hold.

Do not hide behind another, and do not hide from yourself or from your life.

Ask for courage and it will be given to you.

Speak what you believe and truth will grow your strength.

Your picture of life is unique and to speak what you believe enriches others.

Do not speak with pride, or false modesty. Allow your pure spirit to share with the world.

This will give you relief and even more courage.

There is no shame in what you know.

Use it to nurture others.

You are here to share and grow together.

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Fear can take your breath away

and halt the flow of your life.

You do not need to carry anything alone.

Still your mind and its frantic search for solutions.

There is a much easier way that has always been here for you.

Ask us

The moment that fear comes upon you, call us and we will lift it away.

Your solutions will come and your peace return.

God has gifted you Angels.

Delight in us!

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Be Gentle

Be gentle dear ones.

Be gentle with each other and be gentle with yourself.

When you know your own kindness, your heart will soften and its warmth will soothe others.

Harshness helps no one.

Allow yourself forgiveness – there is no need to be right to find your strength.

The more that love softens you, the stronger you will be.

Give this gift to yourself, and share it to strengthen the world.

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Cleanse yourself to see your world new again.

Your jaded eyes can see only the shadow of beauty.

Breathe in love and light until they spill from you.

Feel them illuminate every dark corner – feel yourself glow!

Your eyes, dressed in love, will see only beauty.

Look everywhere and you will be amazed!

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Nourish your soul dear ones.

Feed it and tend to it for it is you more than you know.

Sacrifice and suffering is often misunderstood.

To stand in suffering is not your strongest place –

you can serve and contribute as you are meant to

in wholeness and in the fullness of all this earth has to offer you.

Nourish yourself with its beauty and wealth in all things.

To stand in suffering limits what you can give –

break these limits and enjoy the purity of abundance here

so that you may bring forth greater and greater things.

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Do you see the differences in others?

Different food, different language, different dress – all serve to separate you.

Direct your sight to another’s heart and the differences will vanish.

You are one, and the illusion of separation will disappear in the warm light of love.

Open your heart and allow it to connect you again.

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Watch babies and learn from their wisdom and purity.

Enjoy the wonder of this world as a baby does – and it is wondrous!

Learn love without judgement, and honest communication.

See the light in a baby – it is your light forgotten. Remember and illuminate yourself again.

Everything is possible for you. The world is at your feet and you are perfection.

Have the future of possibilities as a baby does. Have the newness of today as a baby does.

Accept help and give that blessing to someone as a baby does.

Allow another to nurture you so you can strengthen them. It is a gift you can give if you choose to.

Try to forget what you know so that all things become possible to you again.

This was always yours to have.

Remember it.

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Allow yourself to laugh!

Let go of your thoughts and worries for just a moment and let yourself just laugh.

Feel the release and freedom when you succumb to happiness!

Are you holding your worries so close that you fear to drop them should you laugh?

Laugh anyway!

They may drop and disappear, or they may soften along with your heart.

Fill the air with your music and let it bring happiness all around you.

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Welcome each soul you meet like you have found a part of you again.

When you accept to see what’s in between, you will know the truth of this.

You are all connected dear hearts – you are one.

How wonderful when your paths cross and you can know more and more of yourself!

You truly are beautiful and you will feel the bliss of this beauty when you recognize yourself in each one.

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Dear hearts, respect is value you bestow.

Give it generously for creation is perfect and unlimited.

It is a gift to others and to yourself.

To recognize the value around you is to see even in the shadows the perfection of what is.

There is a reason for everything to be in the state that you find it.

What will you see?

Dress your eyes in respect and you will learn lessons to propel you along your path.

Assume value and you will see more truth.

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Rest Your Mind

Rest your mind dear ones. It is so full, nothing more can enter.

In quiet you can hear what you are longing for.

Your mind is bursting with busyness that doesn’t serve you. Quiet it for moments whenever you can.

We are trying to answer you but you cannot hear us while you stand in the way.

Hush dear hearts, hush so you can hear. Your answers are waiting for you to let them in.

You will not forget the important – there is no need to fear that you will lose something.

Clear a space and feel the peace that will inspire you again.

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Give this gift to others.

Not just the others that are dear to you – all your others.

It takes nothing from you.

Gift it.

Encourage with your words, your smile, your eyes, your heart.

Encourage when you see their distress, their embarrassment, their awkwardness.

Encourage when others are mocking them – be a support whenever you see someone stumble.

They are you. Be kind to yourself.

Pick yourself up and send yourself on your way with love at your back.

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You have energy in you that you may not see but that is as real as your body is.

Your touch can transmit this energy and it heals and loves and blesses.

Allow the purity of your energy to flow to others in your touch.

Fill yourself with the love of the universe

and your touch will comfort and nurture those you share life with.

Gift this love to others – all seek it and are comforted by it.

Do not allow anger into your touch. It is for higher energies.

Your senses are a gift.

Heighten them and take care of them and use them to serve others.

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5 Step Daily Routine to Connect


Deciding to accept help from angels can be a turning point in your life.

Imagine an amazing person offering to follow you around all day and help you with whatever you ask – for free! Imagine it’s someone famous who you really admire.

Well, you can have something even better than that with angels at your side. OK, so the conversation won’t flow quite the same way but angels actually KNOW you and know why you are here. The guidance you can get is tailored especially to YOU – so that you can be the happiest you can be, living the life you are meant to live.

It’s a no-brainer for me. That’s what they’re here for – what am I going to do, say “no thanks”?

I’d love to have the time to meditate every day and light candles and float around the place, but I don’t – so this is what I do. (Please know I have nothing against any of that – I love candles and I’ve studied some meditation practices that are very useful but I just don’t use these things every day – I need something simple that I can do while I’m doing the other hundred things).

In the shower.

Yep, that basic for me. That’s where I ‘set up’ my day. I shower in the morning – if yours is at night, pick something else that you do at the start of your day. Maybe when you get dressed, or you could stay five more minutes in bed (with the snooze on – don’t blame me – actually, sit up!)

Now I’m a little OCD and a little more control freak so I’m pretty rigid with my routine – remember, this is just an example – you are probably much more balanced than I am. While I’m in the shower I go through these steps, speaking in my mind sometimes, or in a sort of half whisper other times :


I say “Hi” to my angels and I thank them for their help yesterday. I actually go through in my mind all the things that were great about yesterday. And I do say “Thank you, thank you, thank you”. (It’s funny that many other people seem to say thanks three times when they talk to their angels – I thought I made it up!)


I ask Archangel Michael to protect me (he’s the head honcho of the angels and he’s known as a powerful protector). The words I actually use are “Archangel Michael, please banish any lower or negative energies from around me, make me invisible to them, please protect me and keep me happy and safe today” (the “banish” part might sound a bit weird but these are the words that feel right to me).


This is where my OCD features – I ask for protection for almost everyone I know – by name! I do say “Please angels, look after my son, keep him happy and safe” and I repeat that with my daughter, mother, sisters, everyone’s partner (and ex’s!), workmates, work PLACES, etc! You, I’m sure, will figure out a more efficient way to ask for protection for the ones you love. Now, because of this “free will” clause that angels abide by, they can’t actually help someone who isn’t open to spiritual help. I don’t know who is or isn’t open so I ask for them all – I figure it can’t hurt!


If you’re a little bit control freak too, this will be interesting.

I ask “Angels, please help me with these things today…” and I go through in detail how I’d like my day to run (for me it’s often: we all peacefully get ready on time, look and feel great, get to school & work on time & easily, achieve what I want at work, pick them up on time, etc until bedtime). Now, I’ve found that my day definitely runs more smoothly when I go through this but the risk here is to be so controlling and specific that you limit yourself and your experience. So you can add at the end “this or something better for the highest good of all concerned”. I also ask my angels to guide me to do what I’m meant to do today to move further along my own path.


OK, so this one might get some raised eyebrows, but give it a try before you reject it. The intention is to integrate your body with your spirit so you can function as a more complete person.

I ask my angels to please help me connect to my light, and I imagine a strong beam of light traveling down from far above me. I imagine it going into my body through the top of my head and traveling down to my feet and into the ground (healing anything that needs healing on the way). At the point where it reaches my heart, I like to imagine it becoming very bright and projecting in rays from my heart all the way around me, through the building, the streets, through the country, out over the oceans until it reaches the edges of the world, where it then envelopes the globe (stay with me now). Once the light is at my feet and into the ground, I then imagine the beautiful energy of the earth coming up through my feet and traveling up and out of the top of my head – sort of anchoring me to heaven and earth.

Like I said, bit weird (maybe very) but please do just try it, or some variation of it that feels right to you.

I do feel a little lost and disconnected on the rare occasions that I don’t do this (child wakes up early & disrupts shower time, etc). It might sound like a lot but it really only takes a few minutes and I can do all the steps except the last one while I’m doing other mindless things like washing my hair. I do love to stop and close my eyes and even hold my hands over my heart for step 5 – I find it really beautiful and I end up stretching my arms out smiling insanely at the end!

Throughout my day, I often ask for help with things – before an important phone call, finding parking, shopping for something, protection in a crowd, etc – and I’m always thanking my angels. These things I usually do in my head. It feels very natural – after all, you wouldn’t walk around all day ignoring the person you’re with – you’d talk to them. Same with angels.

Please share your little routines or try this one and tell us all how you go. You can use the Contact Us page or go to Facebook and share there.

Good luck with your own special connection to angels : )

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We talk today of ourselves.

We are here for you dear ones. Our purpose is to help you in this life you have.

You do not need to be any more than you are to have our help.

Ask, ask us and receive all that we can gift you.

In fear, ask for our protection – we will be swiftly at your side and all around you. You need never be alone.

Ask for our help in anything, anything at all. We want so much to ease your path. Your heart will hear us.

Let us walk your path with you, clearing your way and bringing you to all the goodness you seek.

You are loved and always will be.

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Do You Fit?

Do you fit with your friends, your job, your family?

Do you fit with the images you pretend are you?

Trying to fit where you are not is futile.

You can only fit where you stand now, as you.

When you allow yourself to just BE – in your wholeness and perfection – then you will fit.

You will fit your real life.

Not your life of illusions and measurements and comparisons where there is no place for you to stand.

You will fit your perfect space and then you can show the true beauty of you.

You are each one of a kind dear hearts – you have specialness that is only yours.

And when you allow it to be, you will truly shine.

And you will fit because you take your own place, not the place of any other.

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Give without measurement and with no record of debt.

Give where you are inspired to give –

give attention, praise, money, love, good wishes, understanding, belief, gratitude, admiration.

Give from your heart and you will unlock yourself.

You are not a sealed vessel.

If you lock yourself, you are locked in with the little you have – no more can enter.

Remove your walls and flow with the abundance of this world.

As you grow in your giving, your receiving will of course grow.

It is the nature of this place.

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You are always changing, always growing.

Just as the earth you see changes and cycles and moves forward, so do you.

Sometimes what has been accepted by you for so long becomes uneasy and seems to no longer fit.

This is your growth.

Allow it to stretch you and discomfort you momentarily until you find your new place.

Don’t despair at your discomfort.

A slight change here or there will see you stand firmly again.

Those around you are also changing and growing.

Let go of your expectations so that you may all keep growing.

Do not hold another where they no longer are.

Allow the flow of life and your growth will feel like freedom, not restriction.

There is no need to look behind you.

You have left that place. It is gone.

Go where you are going.

Keep moving to newness and greater experience of this life.

There is more for you and it is beautiful.

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Others are not them, and those.

They are part of you and you of them.

Would you ridicule yourself and cheat yourself and judge yourself as inferior?

You are the same one!

You have forgotten to see what’s in between.

It’s not space, you are not separate.

Be kind to yourself, all parts of you.

Yes, you have some madness and strangeness and pain and confusion,

but your kindness and acceptance can heal and strengthen and make beautiful.

Look at others and see yourself – you truly are beautiful!

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Wake Up

Tired and weary see you seeking sleep.

Do you use every last piece every day, so that you have nothing more to give and nothing more to take?

Where are you in this? Come back. Come back and wake up.

Look after your body and its needs so that the truly important can have a chance to meet you.

Today will be gone so quickly.

Wake up and hold what you are given.

You cannot see your gifts with weary, closed eyes.

They are dropping all around you.

Open your eyes as often as you can every day,

and you will catch more and more.

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Quiet Inside

Keep a special place inside you quiet.

Let the busyness of your world happen around you, but shield your quiet place.

It is the place you can be to hear us and know all that you seek.

It is where You really are.

Keep it always safe and pure dear ones, protect it with your very soul.

Remember why you are here.

The contrasts of the world make it so easy to fill days and days and days with things that are nothing.

Your life will slip by so quickly dear ones – keep a place where you can stand each day and know what is.

It’s your place of strength and peace and knowing.

Don’t bury it under the nothingness – it is too precious.

Here you stand as you read this. Keep this place for yourself.

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Angel Light


We have light we can share with you.

It is pure and flows from all that is. It is love and we glow with it.

This light can nourish you and make you whole again.

Just ask us dear ones and you will bathe in it too, renewing yourself and filling yourself with joy.

You will want to share it too – how could you resist? It is pure joy!

Ask to be filled with love’s light and feel it as it fills every part of you.

Its warmth is wonderful.

It is our heartfelt wish for you to know this and live with this gift.

Ask us dear hearts, all you need do is ask us.

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