Past Messages


Search for the one

you speak of as "I".

Your mind is a gift, dear one.

What better task to assign it

than to uncover yourself?

Don't fasten this mask so firmly

that you forget.

Behind this body,

infused in this identity,

watching the play of your person,

is You, child of Eternity.

Watch life from here.

From the eyes of your heart,

see this extension of You

walking this blessing of life.

Remembering, once more,

your Source,

watch the unfolding of perfection.


Dear God,

kiss me as I sleep.

Bless these dreams

as I walk them

and shine Your Light

in the darkness

of my slumber.

Whisper to your child,

loving Father,

all the goodness

You know

that I have forgotten.

And gently, dear God,


wake me

so I may see You

in my mirror.


So busy this mind

employed to dart endlessly

from one memory and illusion

to another.

It keeps you spellbound

with its deft movements,

like a magician captivating you

with his show.

After the show you return home

but mind is allowed to still play,

this puppeteer of your attention.

There is nothing there, dear one.

The empty images are hiding you

from yourself.

The play can continue

but you can smile

at the secret revealed,

and rise to leave

this viewer's chair empty.

Dear child of Creation,

relax your efforts.

Drawing so intently on the mirror

will not change the reflection.

Turn around to see from where

this picture springs.

As you peer through the fog, quietly,

it will clear

and your heart will leap

as you sense the space

no word but LOVE can describe.

When you return once more

to the mirror

what beautiful Light

it will reflect!

No reflection can ever disappoint

once you see.

Your struggles and confusion

are stale now, dear one.

Don't feed on them anymore.

Push back your chair

and leave this table;

its plates hold nothing

to nourish you.

Within you is a banquet

that eyes cannot see.

Here is a meal, always fresh,

delicious to your soul!

Sit in your heart

and feast on Love.

Its sweet nectar

will fill you

and you will forget

the tables of long ago.

Look behind you.

Behind the images

of the story

on these pages

is you, dear child.

You sat to read for a moment

and forgot yourself

in this fine tale.

You need not close the book.

Enjoy the colours

and the magic within it,

and smile as the tale twists

to reveal beautiful secrets.

Delight in it

until its final page,

all the while

remembering who you are.

Open all that grips.

Open your mind

and allow everything

to escape.

Let it pour out all its contents,

swirling ideas and memories

that are not you.

Let every last drop

of this imposter


Ahh, the relief

to be in peace again!

The breezes do not stick to you,

flower of Creation.

You color and fragrance the world

without any effort.

Stay open, bright soul

Release the pain

of all you have not done.

Regret is wasting your happiness.

Lessons are for learning…

why scold yourself

when your Teacher does not?

Unravel this pressure

you bind yourself with.

Lighten your heart,

let God take your next step,

and feel the beautiful release

of walking into freshness.

As the Divine lives through you,

you will travel unburdened

with peace in your heart,

and you will only promise

what God can deliver.

From here, you are.

Relax dear child,

let go of this worry

that clouds your view

of what stands


Release completely

all you think you have lost,

all you think you can't find.

Here is the Presence

you seek.

Pure love envelopes you


Let go, precious one,

and you will melt

into the bliss.

The source

from which you sprung

is pure possibility.

As you play here

do not build your castles

so solidly

that you block it from view.

Look back occasionally

from your games

and smile

at your loving parent.

You carry Love with you

in every breath,

and, no matter how distracted

you are,

you are never lost to

Love's gaze.

Forget this you

of your body and mind.

Let the knowledge

you have collected

so meticulously

slip back to its source

of nothing.

Allow the smokescreen

of you

to disperse and fade away.

Behind this I

you will see the treasure.

The pure, bright,

pulsating All

is Love.

Step through you

and be one.

As breath fills you

sense the life that draws it.

Feel life on your face

as you move through it.

You cannot help but smile

as you come face to face

with Life itself!

Hold your hand out

to touch the space

between you and another,

and feel its fullness.

What else is this

but Love?

More than human thought

or feeling,

Love is the all of life

and the life of all.

The power of Creation

that expands your world

is within you.

Allow yourself

to surrender to its might.

Invite it

to take your talents

and shine them through you.

Accept no less

for your fine gifts!

Do not depend

on what you think you know

or the tricks you've perfected.

The knowledge and skills of this life 

are a faint reflection

of the power of eternity.

Let the Divine

showcase your gifts

as only It can.

Pray not for small trinkets

when the heavens are bursting

with your good.

When will you take


Prepare a path

for flow.

Your humanness stands

in your own way.

Push to the sides

your expectations, your opinions,

your reactions, and all 'yours'.

Be clean as a whistle

for the breathe of Creation

to play you.

Empty of you,

you will be filled with All.

Dear dear perfect soul,

you are loved beyond understanding.

Allow your Light

to shine the way

and all that troubles you

will be gone.

Set down your need

to do what's best

and let best

do your bidding.

Your work is to flow

and allow the Divine –

pure, untouched –

to live.

Oh the wonder

when your breath is breathed!

You precious vessel of Love.

This is a very long rest

for one who hasn't started.

Calls unheeded

remain in your soul.

When will you

see fit to respond?

Busyness can be buried in

until your body's turn,

while Creation softly whispers

to her dear child.

Dear one, listen to Love –

it is the only lesson you came for.

Stop the rustling now

and let Love sit you down.

Her expert teaching

transforms chore to joy.

Smile your heart open

as your loving reply.

Sweet song of heart

pours from you,

despite your state

of wake or sleep.

You are tuned to the Divine

and its blissful notes

sing you

to its melody of joy.

Let go

so that your body and soul

may be perfectly in tune

and the sweet song

floods in

to your memory again.

Open your eyes

and sing as one!

Leave your problems unfed

so they can waste away

to nothing.

All movement and thought

against your troubles

weaves their fabric

with stronger thread.

Look away from shadows

and seek to only see

your Source of Light.

As its Love fills you

and your brightness grows,

your own shadows will fade

and one day you will wake

to no longer cast them.

Open your awareness

to finally see

what you search for.

There is no other place

to seek it

but here.

Allow your clever mind to rest

from its twisting and turning.

Its wise counsel can wait

for more worldly themes.

Go inside

and in the stillness

you will meet your Source.

Its warmth will encompass you


and you will know,

without a doubt,

you have found the Divine.