You are always changing, always growing.

Just as the earth you see changes and cycles and moves forward, so do you.

Sometimes what has been accepted by you for so long becomes uneasy and seems to no longer fit.

This is your growth.

Allow it to stretch you and discomfort you momentarily until you find your new place.

Don’t despair at your discomfort.

A slight change here or there will see you stand firmly again.

Those around you are also changing and growing.

Let go of your expectations so that you may all keep growing.

Do not hold another where they no longer are.

Allow the flow of life and your growth will feel like freedom, not restriction.

There is no need to look behind you.

You have left that place. It is gone.

Go where you are going.

Keep moving to newness and greater experience of this life.

There is more for you and it is beautiful.

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