5 Step Daily Routine to Connect


Deciding to accept help from angels can be a turning point in your life.

Imagine an amazing person offering to follow you around all day and help you with whatever you ask – for free! Imagine it’s someone famous who you really admire.

Well, you can have something even better than that with angels at your side. OK, so the conversation won’t flow quite the same way but angels actually KNOW you and know why you are here. The guidance you can get is tailored especially to YOU – so that you can be the happiest you can be, living the life you are meant to live.

It’s a no-brainer for me. That’s what they’re here for – what am I going to do, say “no thanks”?

I’d love to have the time to meditate every day and light candles and float around the place, but I don’t – so this is what I do. (Please know I have nothing against any of that – I love candles and I’ve studied some meditation practices that are very useful but I just don’t use these things every day – I need something simple that I can do while I’m doing the other hundred things).

In the shower.

Yep, that basic for me. That’s where I ‘set up’ my day. I shower in the morning – if yours is at night, pick something else that you do at the start of your day. Maybe when you get dressed, or you could stay five more minutes in bed (with the snooze on – don’t blame me – actually, sit up!)

Now I’m a little OCD and a little more control freak so I’m pretty rigid with my routine – remember, this is just an example – you are probably much more balanced than I am. While I’m in the shower I go through these steps, speaking in my mind sometimes, or in a sort of half whisper other times :


I say “Hi” to my angels and I thank them for their help yesterday. I actually go through in my mind all the things that were great about yesterday. And I do say “Thank you, thank you, thank you”. (It’s funny that many other people seem to say thanks three times when they talk to their angels – I thought I made it up!)


I ask Archangel Michael to protect me (he’s the head honcho of the angels and he’s known as a powerful protector). The words I actually use are “Archangel Michael, please banish any lower or negative energies from around me, make me invisible to them, please protect me and keep me happy and safe today” (the “banish” part might sound a bit weird but these are the words that feel right to me).


This is where my OCD features – I ask for protection for almost everyone I know – by name! I do say “Please angels, look after my son, keep him happy and safe” and I repeat that with my daughter, mother, sisters, everyone’s partner (and ex’s!), workmates, work PLACES, etc! You, I’m sure, will figure out a more efficient way to ask for protection for the ones you love. Now, because of this “free will” clause that angels abide by, they can’t actually help someone who isn’t open to spiritual help. I don’t know who is or isn’t open so I ask for them all – I figure it can’t hurt!


If you’re a little bit control freak too, this will be interesting.

I ask “Angels, please help me with these things today…” and I go through in detail how I’d like my day to run (for me it’s often: we all peacefully get ready on time, look and feel great, get to school & work on time & easily, achieve what I want at work, pick them up on time, etc until bedtime). Now, I’ve found that my day definitely runs more smoothly when I go through this but the risk here is to be so controlling and specific that you limit yourself and your experience. So you can add at the end “this or something better for the highest good of all concerned”. I also ask my angels to guide me to do what I’m meant to do today to move further along my own path.


OK, so this one might get some raised eyebrows, but give it a try before you reject it. The intention is to integrate your body with your spirit so you can function as a more complete person.

I ask my angels to please help me connect to my light, and I imagine a strong beam of light traveling down from far above me. I imagine it going into my body through the top of my head and traveling down to my feet and into the ground (healing anything that needs healing on the way). At the point where it reaches my heart, I like to imagine it becoming very bright and projecting in rays from my heart all the way around me, through the building, the streets, through the country, out over the oceans until it reaches the edges of the world, where it then envelopes the globe (stay with me now). Once the light is at my feet and into the ground, I then imagine the beautiful energy of the earth coming up through my feet and traveling up and out of the top of my head – sort of anchoring me to heaven and earth.

Like I said, bit weird (maybe very) but please do just try it, or some variation of it that feels right to you.

I do feel a little lost and disconnected on the rare occasions that I don’t do this (child wakes up early & disrupts shower time, etc). It might sound like a lot but it really only takes a few minutes and I can do all the steps except the last one while I’m doing other mindless things like washing my hair. I do love to stop and close my eyes and even hold my hands over my heart for step 5 – I find it really beautiful and I end up stretching my arms out smiling insanely at the end!

Throughout my day, I often ask for help with things – before an important phone call, finding parking, shopping for something, protection in a crowd, etc – and I’m always thanking my angels. These things I usually do in my head. It feels very natural – after all, you wouldn’t walk around all day ignoring the person you’re with – you’d talk to them. Same with angels.

Please share your little routines or try this one and tell us all how you go. You can use the Contact Us page or go to Facebook and share there.

Good luck with your own special connection to angels : )

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