Today's Angel Message… Angels

We talk today of ourselves.

We are here for you dear ones. Our purpose is to help you in this life you have.

You do not need to be any more than you are to have our help.

Ask, ask us and receive all that we can gift you.

In fear, ask for our protection – we will be swiftly at your side and all around you. You need never be alone.

Ask for our help in anything, anything at all. We want so much to ease your path. Your heart will hear us.

Let us walk your path with you, clearing your way and bringing you to all the goodness you seek.

You are loved and always will be.

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Today's Angel Message… Do You Fit?

Do you fit with your friends, your job, your family?

Do you fit with the images you pretend are you?

Trying to fit where you are not is futile.

You can only fit where you stand now, as you.

When you allow yourself to just BE – in your wholeness and perfection – then you will fit.

You will fit your real life.

Not your life of illusions and measurements and comparisons where there is no place for you to stand.

You will fit your perfect space and then you can show the true beauty of you.

You are each one of a kind dear hearts – you have specialness that is only yours.

And when you allow it to be, you will truly shine.

And you will fit because you take your own place, not the place of any other.

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Today's Angel Message… Giving

Give without measurement and with no record of debt.

Give where you are inspired to give –

give attention, praise, money, love, good wishes, understanding, belief, gratitude, admiration.

Give from your heart and you will unlock yourself.

You are not a sealed vessel.

If you lock yourself, you are locked in with the little you have – no more can enter.

Remove your walls and flow with the abundance of this world.

As you grow in your giving, your receiving will of course grow.

It is the nature of this place.

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Today's Angel Message… Renewal

You are always changing, always growing.

Just as the earth you see changes and cycles and moves forward, so do you.

Sometimes what has been accepted by you for so long becomes uneasy and seems to no longer fit.

This is your growth.

Allow it to stretch you and discomfort you momentarily until you find your new place.

Don’t despair at your discomfort.

A slight change here or there will see you stand firmly again.

Those around you are also changing and growing.

Let go of your expectations so that you may all keep growing.

Do not hold another where they no longer are.

Allow the flow of life and your growth will feel like freedom, not restriction.

There is no need to look behind you.

You have left that place. It is gone.

Go where you are going.

Keep moving to newness and greater experience of this life.

There is more for you and it is beautiful.

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Today's Angel Message… Others

Others are not them, and those.

They are part of you and you of them.

Would you ridicule yourself and cheat yourself and judge yourself as inferior?

You are the same one!

You have forgotten to see what’s in between.

It’s not space, you are not separate.

Be kind to yourself, all parts of you.

Yes, you have some madness and strangeness and pain and confusion,

but your kindness and acceptance can heal and strengthen and make beautiful.

Look at others and see yourself – you truly are beautiful!

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Today's Angel Message… Wake Up

Tired and weary see you seeking sleep.

Do you use every last piece every day, so that you have nothing more to give and nothing more to take?

Where are you in this? Come back. Come back and wake up.

Look after your body and its needs so that the truly important can have a chance to meet you.

Today will be gone so quickly.

Wake up and hold what you are given.

You cannot see your gifts with weary, closed eyes.

They are dropping all around you.

Open your eyes as often as you can every day,

and you will catch more and more.

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Today's Angel Message… Quiet Inside

Keep a special place inside you quiet.

Let the busyness of your world happen around you, but shield your quiet place.

It is the place you can be to hear us and know all that you seek.

It is where You really are.

Keep it always safe and pure dear ones, protect it with your very soul.

Remember why you are here.

The contrasts of the world make it so easy to fill days and days and days with things that are nothing.

Your life will slip by so quickly dear ones – keep a place where you can stand each day and know what is.

It’s your place of strength and peace and knowing.

Don’t bury it under the nothingness – it is too precious.

Here you stand as you read this. Keep this place for yourself.

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Today's Angel Message… Angel Light


We have light we can share with you.

It is pure and flows from all that is. It is love and we glow with it.

This light can nourish you and make you whole again.

Just ask us dear ones and you will bathe in it too, renewing yourself and filling yourself with joy.

You will want to share it too – how could you resist? It is pure joy!

Ask to be filled with love’s light and feel it as it fills every part of you.

Its warmth is wonderful.

It is our heartfelt wish for you to know this and live with this gift.

Ask us dear hearts, all you need do is ask us.

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