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AngelHeartLight is a space created for you.

Here you can spend some moments to reconnect with the real you. The messages recorded here have been received after asking angels for guidance to help us all live happier, more peaceful lives.

You don't need to be of any particular faith – these benevolent beings are recognised across many faiths and their existence has been accepted throughout the ages. If that sounds like baloney to you, that's ok – you are welcome here. Just read the words anyway and see if they mean something to you. Whatever meaning you find is what's intended for you.

I'm Hemat Malak and I created AngelHeartLight to share these beautiful messages with you, so you can feel in your life what angels have brought to mine.

I'm no guru and I don't have any special powers – I'm just like you. I live in Sydney, Australia with my two children – one who has Aspergers (so he DOES have special powers!). I work as an accountant, I'm a sister, a daughter, an ex-wife, and a  friend – just your average human.

Once I learned about angels and connected with them, something shifted for me. I still have the everyday irritations that parenthood and working and living in a busy world bring – but I used to be miserable and now I'm not. I don't feel alone anymore and I no longer feel like I'm searching for something. I truly hope you can find this too.

Please visit again and feel at home here. This site is frequently updated with new Angel Messages. Up on your right you can subscribe to receive new messages by email. The first beautiful book of these Messages, Your Angels Called and Left a Message,  is now available for purchase in print or eBook format here – it's very special, do please take a look at it. You can also find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play and many other retailers – you can even ask for it at your local library. In July 2013 a new gorgeous book, Make Mine Divine will be available on Amazon – it will contain 31 heart-expanding messages that you can use for inspiration and to strengthen your soul-connection each day of any month.

You are very welcome to share your insights or the impact the Messages have had on you. Please just use the "Say Hello" page to leave a comment – I'd love to hear from you.

Hope you find your way here again soon 🙂

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