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About Angels


Angels are beautiful, pure beings who are here to assist us.

They are not the spirits of people who once lived. They have never lived here as humans like us. They are celestial beings of pure energy.

They are the messengers of God and work here to protect, guide and help us. They help bring us nearer to God by making it easier for us to connect to the higher energy of the universe.

Whether you believe in a God through your religion or faith, or in a higher energy or life force in the universe, angels exist to help each one of us here. Even if you don’t believe in any of that, or aren’t quite sure, you still can gain wonderful benefits from angels.

You need to ask though. Usually, angels can only help you if you ask, because you have free will. They can intervene in situations where you are in great danger or your life is at risk – and it’s often in these situations that people become aware of their angels for the first time.

You don’t have to wait for a crisis though. You can connect with angels right now. It’s as simple as asking. You can ask out loud if you want, or mentally.

Here’s an example: “Angels, please be with me now. Please protect me and guide me.” Even a simple request like this will bring angels near you. Nothing spooky – you may feel warmth or a loving feeling in your heart or a support at your back, or something else meaningful to you. You will probably know though, but if you don’t or you’re not sure, just ask for it to be made clearer to you.

It’s nothing magical – you don’t need to prepare in any way and you don’t need to use any special language or speak any differently than you normally would.

You can ask frequently throughout your day – any time you feel unsure, or afraid, or just not fully equipped to deal with something. You can ask when there’s nothing wrong at all, just so that your day flows smoothly. Your life can be completely transformed when you allow angels to help you.

Angels love you just as you are and only want good for you. You won’t find any condemnation or criticism or expectations. You are perfect just as you are to angels. Ask them to be with you and feel the beautiful difference they make in your life.

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